FLS Delouser:
Documented low mortality rate of 0,2%

Effective and safe delousing of salmon:


The system is completely chemical-free and uses just seawater for transporting and treating the fish.

Average weight 1–10 kg

This large weight range makes the solution highly versatile, especially since it allows the FLS Delousing System to safely and carefully treat large specimens.

Tailored capacity

The system is modular and easily extended by adding more lines. Therefor the capacity of can be readily optimized to meet your needs.

User-friendly design

The flushing nozzles are fitted with cameras connected to a monitor, and the weighing and counting system is fully integrated.

Fish welfare is good business sense!

Save up a huge amount of money per delousing!

The gentle handling results in extremely low mortality and helps the fish resume feeding again on the same day.

Green delousing!

Gentle handling with sea water and low very mortality

The system results in very little mortality (typically 0.2%). Treatment time is only 2 seconds with a total transport time of 10-15 seconds.

The system has no internal moving parts, which helps ensure fish welfare.

High quality fish farming supplies & equipment:

We design an deliver market-leading solutions for optimum fish welfare – at a competitive price.

FLS Ejector Pump: – Large capacity and multiple applications

  • Ideal for transporting fish since it safeguards their welfare
  • Particularly advantageous in terms of reliability and use, since it has no moving parts in contact with the pumping medium
  • Very large lift height
  • Integrated high speed Actuator-controlled nozzle adjustment
  • Large capacity

FLS Aerator: – Reliable water treatment system

  • Up to 100% oxygen saturation
  • Removes CO2
  • Reliable
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent value for money
  • Highly experienced Norwegian manufacturer with its own service network

FLS Fodder Crane: – Reliable, space-saving and gentle

  • Length adaptable to up to 30 metres
  • Supplied with radio control, video monitoring and lighting
  • Gentle handling of the pellets
  • High quality and robust construction in stainless steel
  • Space-saving
  • Low investment cost
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

 FLS Weighing & Counting Systems

  • Optimum safeguarding of fish welfare
  • High degree of precision (95%-100%)
  • Space-saving
  • Excellent value for money
  • Large capacity
  • Reliable
  • Solid construction in stainless steel

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