FLS Aerator: A reliable water treatment system

FLS Aerator is a water treatment system for CO₂ removal. The system makes it possible to reduce water consumption and / or increase biomass.

User-friendly system for wellboats and fish hatcheries

The FLS Aerator was launched in 1998 and is currently used by a wide variety of fish hatcheries and wellboats in Norway and abroad. We have extensive experience and competence within this area, which makes us a reliable supplier.

This is how the FLS Aerator works

  • Used or untreated water is usually taken from the center of the vessel, where the water quality is poorest.
  • A pump delivers the water to the ejector’s pressure chamber.
  • In the ejector, a vacuum is created and the FLS ejector sucks in “atmospheric” air. The air is mixed with the pressurized water in the ejector’s nozzle. This process releases the nitrogen together with CO₂ in a tank with bulkheads and rotation.
  • In this way, CO₂ is forced into the air and out of the water.
  • The water is saturated with oxygen and returned to the fish tank/well.

How it works – With Englisg subtitles

Advantages of the FLS CO2 Aerator

  • Extremely user friendly. The main area of use is water treatment on board well boats and in fish hatcheries.
  • Provides up to 100% saturation of oxygen and removes all CO₂.
  • Reliable and easy-to-use system, which is also highly affordable.
  • Manufactured in Norway based on our extensive expertise and technological research.

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