FLS Delousing system for salmon lice removal

Our delousing system is one of the market leading solutions for salmon lice removal. The system offers effective delousing with high fish welfare at competitive prices.

Each line operates separately with our module-based design, and you can easily increase the system’s capacity by combining multiple lines.

Groundbreaking technology with high delousing effect

Our delousing system has gone through extensive field-testing with astonishing results.

We can document that our system removes:

Mobile lice 90 %
Sexually mature lice 95 %
Sessile lice 70 %

These numbers, combined with the system’s gentle treatment of fish, has made our delouser the preferred system for salmon breeders and service companies all over the world.

NEW! 100% containment of salmon lice

We have developed a delousing system that provides total collection of lice without risk of getting transferred back into the water.

With the new system, all pump water is sucked back and treated on board. This suction ensures that all lice are collected in the filter, even those who fall off  on the way out of the system.

All FLS extensions will be delivered with the new collector system from autumn 2017.

Fish welfare = healthy economy

The FLS Delousing system provides minimal loss of biomass during lice treatment due to the very gentle handling of the fish. The gentle treatment results in very low mortality and enables the fish to feed again on the day of the treatment.

You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per delousing a cage by choosing our system for salmon delousing

The FLS Delousing system also has low energy consumption and low operating costs.

Along with a competitive price, it provides a profitable investment with documented results and high fish welfare.

Save money with fls delouser

User-friendly delousing system that gives you full control

The FLS Delousing system is easy to use and requires very little maintenance. We also offer thorough training so you can achieve great results from day one.

The solution has a camera in the flushing nozzle with a monitor, an integrated FLS Weighing and Counting System as well as return system for complete lice collection.

The system also has seamless adjustment of all water streams with frequency-controlled pumps and remote controlled valves. All features are monitored and controlled via the touchscreen in the control room.

The FLS Delouser can be used at all temperatures. It is easy to disinfect and gives you full control over the biomass.

We will gladly assist you on designing a delousing system fit for your needs.

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This film shows FLS Delouser exactly like it is set on Laugar. All new orders are implemented with our newest system where all pump water is sucked back and treated on board.

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