FLS Ejector: High capacity and multiple application options

The FLS Ejector is a result of an extensive development process. Our patented solution has a variety of application options, and it is used in many countries all over the world.

FLS Ejektor er et resultat av et årelangt utviklingsarbeid i Flatsetsund Engineering.

Ejector with many applications

The mode of operation allows the ejector to be used for various tasks. The FLS Ejector is the core product of Flatsetsund Engineering’s portfolio and has multiple applications.

FLS Ejector can be used for:

  • Moving live biomass
  • CO₂-aeration (water treatment) for well boats and fish hatcheries
  • Dredging
  • Harvesting of seaweed
  • Pumping of water / sewage (contaminated liquids)
  • Cleaning water and other liquids / cleaning with additives of chemicals
  • Pumping liquid material with acid content
  • Collection of dead fish
  • Water cannon
  • Directional flow / Circulation
  • Uniform mixing of gases
  • Propulsion system

How FLS Ejector works

The FLS Ejector works as a water cannon, which creates a vacuum that drives the water flow with the conical nozzle.

The solution is specially designed for transportation of fish. Fish welfare has been a critical point in the product development.

The FLS Ejector consists of a straight pipe that has full opening throughout. FLS Ejector is manufactured in sizes; 12 mm.-500 mm. The system works well under low pressure and achieves full vacuum (- 0.98 bar) with dimensioned pressure and amount of water according to the size of the ejector.

The ejector nozzle is adjustable and has the best capacity when using water as a propellant.

Advantages of FLS Ejector

The FLS Ejector has a variety of advantages when it comes to operational reliability and application as it contains no moveable parts exposed to the pumping medium.

Compared to our competitors, the FLS ejector also has special advantages in regard to water lifting capacity and water velocity.

Our patent is based on our nozzle orifice, which is adjustable. The result is optimal exploitation ratio of input power. Our ejector is excellent for transporting fish as it ensures fish welfare.

The FLS Ejector comes in stainless steel, AISI 316 with nozzle diameter from 12 mm. to 500 mm.

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