FLS-delousing systems to Canada

This July FLS delivered delousing-systems for two of FSV Group’s vessels delivered to Canada. 

We gratitude our customer for choosing FLS-delousing systems.
We are proud to present the newest of our technology, an innovative and flexible system which can be lifted off the deck, making space for other operations during periods without sea lice.

Smartsolutions makes environmental solutions:
We produce the most energy efficient mechanical delousing-system. The fish is pulled through the system by natures force; gravity. Potential energy (the height of the water in the upper level) is converted into kinetic energy (the speed of the water in the pipe). Only a small amount of energy (from the ejector pump) is needed to keep the flow going. Smooth and gentle for the fish is good fish welfare

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F.l: Kristian Lillerud (FLS), Tobias W. Grøvdal (FSV Group), Espen Bakkelid (FSV Group) & Lars Grydeland Ersvik (FSV Group).