FLS Fodder Crane: Reliable feeding system for aquaculture

The FLS Fodder Crane is a system for delivering pellets from feeding-boats to feeding-fleets at fish farms.

The FLS Fodder Crane was developed in close collaboration with the fish food producers; Skretting and Eidsvaag Shipping.

Advantages of the FLS Fodder Crane

Flatsetsund Engineering currently supplies fodder cranes with round lining telescopes, radio control, camera monitoring and light.

Our cranes are incredibly space efficient and can be adjusted with up to 30 meters in length.

The crane itself is of high quality and is robustly built in stainless steel.

Our fodder crane has low operating costs compared with conveyor belts and ensures careful handling of the pellets. With low investment costs, the FLS Fodder Crane is without a doubt a profitable investment.

All of these qualities make our fodder crane the preferred system for feeding vessels today.

The Fodder Crane can be adjusted up to 30 meters in length.

How the FLS Fodder crane works

Pellets are blown from tanks into cargo spaces, through a measuring / weighing system, into the crane and delivered to the feeding barge.

The system is powered by low pressure compressors below deck.

We supply complete cranes with delivery pipes attached.

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