FLS Weighing and Counting System: High accuracy and excellent fish welfare

The FLS Weighing and Counting System is a robust and advanced system for counting fish and calculating biomass. It has a full-water counting system with a very high degree of precision (95% -100%).

Our weighing and counting system is highly considerate to fish welfare, with the fish passing through a straight pipe in water. The solution can be adapted according to your needs, ensuring optimal value.

Advantages of the FLS Weighing and Counting System

In addition to the system’s accuracy and concern for fish welfare, the FLS Weighing and Counting System is also affordable and reliable. It is robustly built in stainless steel and is also incredibly space efficient.

Extensive information can be retrieved from the counting system which makes it easy to document according to government requirements, both now and in the future. The system is adapted for synchronization with other onboard software.

The system is designed for salmon and trout, but can also be used for other fish species.

This is how the FLS Weighing and Counting System works

The fish passes through a square pipe which is illuminated with LED light.

The perimeter of the fish is captured by a camera that takes hundreds of images per second.

The image is processed and analyzed by an advanced program that calculates individual weight and number of fish.

On the screen in the control room you can extract all the information you need about average weight, total weight, speed, efficiency, etc.

Choose between different models

Mature fish counters come in 3 models and have a capacity up to 300 tonnes/hour. They can handle fish up to 20 kg weight.

Smolt counters come in one model and have a capacity up to 150 tonnes/hour. The  model can handle weight between 30 – 300g.

Models for mature fish counters

Model Max. capacity Fish size
FLS 250 Approx. 60 tonnes/hour 1 - 15 kg
FLS 350 Approx.. 150 tonnes/hour 1 - 20 kg
FLS 400 Approx. 150 tonnes/hour 1 - 20 kg
FLS 500 Approx. 300 tonnes/hour 1 - 20 kg

Models for smolt counters

Model Max. capacity Fish size
SMOLT 250 Approx. 500 000 fish/hour Approx. 30 - 300 g

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