FLS CALCULUS fish counter and weighing system, with superb accuracy and top fish welfare.
  • Excellent fish welfare
  • Accuracy: 98–100%
  • High capacity
  • Compatible
  • Compact


FLS CALCULUS is a robust and advanced system for counting fish and calculating biomass.
The system is a full-water counter with with advanced camera technology and data analysis. This gives a very high accuracy rate of 98%–100% at optimal conditions.

Comprehensive information covering mandatory documentation for the government and the users can be obtained from FLS CALCULUS. The system is also adapted for logging on to other software.

FLS CALCULUS takes fish welfare seriously. The fish travel through a closed system in water, without gutters and shovels. The solution can be easily adapted to your wishes and needs to ensure optimum user value.

Choose from different models

The FLS CALCULUS weighing and counting system is sold in large numbers and is mainly used by the fish carrier industry in Norway and internationally. The counting system comes in several models and has an ideal capacity of about 300 tons/hour and takes fish sizes up to 20 kg. In the table to the right, the capacity is calculated at a speed of 3 m. Per second.


FLS CALCULUS Weighing and counting system

ModelMax.capacity (5kg)Fishsize
FLS 250Approx. 50 tons/hour1 - 20 kg
FLS 350Approx. 150 tons/hour1 - 20 kg
FLS 500Approx. 300 tons/hour1 - 20 kg
FLS 600Approx. 450 tons/hour1 - 20 kg

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