New efficient lice treatment system for well boats
  • Capacity up to 300 tons / h
  • Compact
  • "Plug & play"
  • Straight pipes, for best fish welfare
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Low pressure flushing
  • The system will be completed winter/spring 2022


Cutting-edge technology with high delousing effect
The FLS CALIGUS compact size frees space to either increase delousing capacity or to reallocate space for other tasks. The capacity is 200-300 tons per hour and can be increased by using several lines. The lice treatment system can be adapted to any pipe system. This is made for the future and adapted to the shipping companies and fish farmers requirements.

Fish welfare

FLS CALIGUS R500 is one of the market's most gentle lice treatment systems
FLS CALIGUS R500 is the gentlest delouser with a full water rinsing system, low-pressure rinsing and straight runs that are gentle on the fish. The delouser flushes the salmon lice into tubes filled with water. It is a closed system where the fish is passed through a lice treatment system consisting of three low-pressure delousers before the fish is returned to the cage.
This method is far more gentle than other lice treatment solutions on the market, and the FLS CALIGUS R500 is built on technology that has documented some of the lowest fish mortality in the industry. The fact that the fish absorbs feed almost immediately after delousing is a clear sign of fish welfare.
FLS has equipped the delouser with windows so that veterinarians can easily ensure that the fish are treated gently and ensure that the requirements for fish welfare are followed in the best way. Saving space is a significant factor, but fish welfare always comes first for FLS. The fish are in their natural habitat throughout the lice treatment process, in water.


Fish welfare regardless of fish size
FLS CALIGUS R500 is 6.6 meters long 2 meters wide and 2.3 meters high and can be installed on new and existing well boats. Well boat designers can already today, with good reason, start designing the well boats of the future.

The FLS CALIGUS R500 retains the best of both worlds. In addition to the compact and integrated design, fish welfare, which is a focus area for FLS, is very well taken care of.

"Plug & play"

Everything integrated
Electronics and electrical cabinets are integrated in the delouser rig, which makes installation easier and brings it in the direction of "Plug & play".

What do our customers say about FLS CALIGUS delouser

Andreas Rabben
Shipowner - Eidsvaag AS
We developed feed cranes for several of our boats in cooperation with Flatsetsund Engineering.
They work well and gently move feed from the transport boat to the fleet.
Jan Eirik Nordseth
Managing Director - Pure Shipping / Eines AS
We discovered that the FLS delousing system handles fish gently, allowing them to feed immediately after processing, and they eat again within two days. This causes minimal loss of biomass.
Eldar Arne Henden
Managing Director - Pure Norwegian Seafood
Based on our assessments, Flatsetsund Engineering's solution is one of the gentlest systems for delousing on the market, making this an economically sound solution.