One of the market's leading solutions for efficient salmon delousing, with superb fish welfare results.
  • High capacity
  • 0.1% mortality
  • 90-100% lice removal
  • 100% natural

FLS CALIGUS delouser

FLS CALIGUS delouser on Smøla Viking
The FLS CALIGUS delouser is one of the market's leading solutions for efficient salmon delousing.

The new version of FLS CALIGUS was installed on Smøla Viking in 2020, shown delousing outside Lofoten in the video.

Cutting-edge technology with high delousing effect

FLS CALIGUS delouser has undergone extensive testing in the aquaculture industry, and the solution is showing great results.
Good delousing results combined with gentle handling of the fish have generated great interest in the market and have made FLS CALIGUS a very well-received solution for mechanical salmon delousing at fish farms and for service companies.

Statement from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Gentle delousing, regardless of fish weight

Fish welfare regardless of fish size
The FLS Caligus Delouser protects the fish regardless of fish weight, as documented in a report from INAQ. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority waived the exemption requirement during delousing with an average weight up to 9.9 kilos, based on this report.

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Zero discharge & high capacity

Zero discharge of lice
In our latest model of FLS CALIGUS, all water is sucked back and processed on board. This ensures that all lice and treatment water are collected in the filter, ensuring zero discharge of lice back into the sea. All FLS CALIGUS delousers are supplied with the new lice collector.

Our modular design allows each line to operate separately, so a single line increases the capacity of the plant by putting several lines together.
Illustrasjon av systemet i bruk.

Ease of use & control

The FLS Delouser is easy to use and requires very little maintenance.
The FLS CALIGUS delouser can be used in any water temperature, is easy to disinfect and gives you full control of the biomass.
The system has stepless adjustment of all water flows with frequency-controlled pumps and remote-controlled valves. All functions are easily monitored and controlled via touch screens in control rooms.
The solution has a camera in the flushing nozzles, and it is integrated with FLS CALCULUS weighing and counting system, and the return system for 100% lice collection.

What do our customers say about FLS CALIGUS delouser

Andreas Rabben
Shipowner - Eidsvaag AS
We developed feed cranes for several of our boats in cooperation with Flatsetsund Engineering.
They work well and gently move feed from the transport boat to the fleet.
Jan Eirik Nordseth
Managing Director - Pure Shipping / Eines AS
We discovered that the FLS delousing system handles fish gently, allowing them to feed immediately after processing, and they eat again within two days. This causes minimal loss of biomass.
Eldar Arne Henden
Managing Director - Pure Norwegian Seafood
Based on our assessments, Flatsetsund Engineering's solution is one of the gentlest systems for delousing on the market, making this an economically sound solution.