FLS provides market-leading technological solutions for the analysis, handling and processing of fish for the aquaculture industry.

Our products are developed with fish welfare in mind, in close cooperation with the industry and veterinarians.

Quality, capacity, efficiency and gentle handling make our products a profitable and safe investment for shipping companies and fish farms.
One of the market's leading solutions for efficient salmon delousing, with superb fish welfare results.
FLS CALCULUS fish counter and weighing system, with superb accuracy and top fish welfare.
FLS CALCULUS counting systems
The ejector is specially designed to protect the fish in cases where it is used to move fish. 
FLS SUCTUS Ejector pump
FLS AERIS is a water treatment system that adds up to 100% oxygen saturation and removes CO₂.
The FLS CIBUS feed crane delivers pellets from the feed boat to the feed fleet at fish farms.
FLS CIBUS Fodder crane