Andreas Rabben
Shipowner - Eidsvaag AS
We developed feed cranes for several of our boats in cooperation with Flatsetsund Engineering.
They work well and gently move feed from the transport boat to the fleet.
Jan Eirik Nordseth
Managing Director - Pure Shipping / Eines AS
We discovered that the FLS delousing system handles fish gently, allowing them to feed immediately after processing, and they eat again within two days. This causes minimal loss of biomass.
Eldar Arne Henden
Managing Director - Pure Norwegian Seafood
Based on our assessments, Flatsetsund Engineering's solution is one of the gentlest systems for delousing on the market, making this an economically sound solution.
Ove Grøtan
FLS-avluser er skånsom for fisken og opereres med svært lave tapstall. Dette har blitt den foretrukne metodikken for ikke-medikamentell avlusning fordi den ivaretar vår dyrebare stamfisk. Vi har investert i en egen avlusningsflåte og benytter oss av innleide fartøy med FLS.
Arild Aasmyr
Managing Director - FSV Group
Demanding jobs require functional and operational equipment. That is why the FSV Group has the best equipped vessel fleet in our segment. Some of our vessels operate for one of the world's largest fish farms. The FLS Delouser was a logical choice for us and our customers.