Problem solving requires Insight.

Data from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute shows that over 62 million salmon died during the sea phase in 2023. The industry and these figures have received a lot of attention, both in terms of high mortality and lack of fish welfare. The fish health report for 2023, published on March 12, 2024, also indicates that a significant portion of the high mortality in the industry is due to various forms of delousing.

So treatment and delousing remain key factors in salmon mortality, detailed insight into the connection between treatment, fish health, and mortality is limited.

We believe that acquiring detailed knowledge about these factors is essential to effectively solving this issue.

The monitoring tool continuously collects data from the cage. It gives us valuable information about how the fish are before we start delousing, what the fish's stress level is and what external conditions it has in the cage.

FLS Insight is an advanced monitoring tool and data platform that uses AI & Machine learning to systemize, analyze, and provide knowledge about what happens before, during and after delousing the fish. 

Operational Insight – from cage to cage

  • Fish health before operation.
  • Stress monitoring in crowding.
  • Operational Implementation.
  • Accurate automatic counting.
  • Results of welfare score, lice data and biomass.
  • Fish health after operation.

Integration is facilitated with FLS Caligus R-series delousing units and FLS Calculus fish counters, and can also be installed in connection with other systems. The infrastructure is totally scalable, ensuring data availability wherever needed.